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Hit the Drums!

Avail your services to people around you by making them aware of your presence.Have a Flawless communication which signifies quality Customer Service.

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Hear the Drums!

Choose what you want to see and get constant updates on all political and business matters.Most importantly fix all your issues with a single click .

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Stay Immortal. Go Digital.

Your very own address book

Don’t go searching the streets for everything you need. Get to know the details of all the people who you are in immediate need of at ease.

Protect your identity

Evade constant spam mails and bickering from companies. Choose what you want to see. People could contact you only if you want them to. Secure your privacy.

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End to End communication

Communication becomes very difficult whenever a middle man is involved. It becomes a Chinese whisper. Have end to end
contact with people you want to approach. This saves time and a lot of money.

Be socially aware

Stay updated constantly about the current affairs happening and around you and get to know the talk of the town.
Helps you to actively participate in social campaigns and contribute to the society where you live in.


Check how this app looks like, it’s modern and cool

Watch Video

What would you do when you get lost in an unknown region? how would you call for help in a place alien to you? Jim here faces the same crisis. will he succeed in seeking help?


It’s a small world.

Easy Access

The application can be accessed by anyone anywhere around the world. It has a very simple and aneffective design which makes it very easy for people to use it without any complications.

Event planners

Events can be planned and conveyed to everyone such that people can grace the show with their presence. Communication flows smooth .

Cost Productive

A successful business venture is defined by its effective handling of advertisements. But TVCs andpaper ads are going to cost fortunes. Advertise here without any thought and gain the same reaps.

Eco Friendly

Wastage of papers have been on the rise which causes a huge impact on the natural balance of the eco system. Save paper and do eco friendly campaigns.

Filtered Search

Search what you want to see. You want to look for services in a district specifically you can see the services at that place. You can search specifically right from pin codes to nation wise.

Digital Newspaper

You might miss out on the current scenarios. Just a single click and read all the current things happening around the world.

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